While we don't have an in-house engineer, you can bring your own engineer (BYOE) for your recording sessions.

What we can help you:

  • Make sure everything's lined in / mic-ed up

  • Set the gain levels properly

  • Record the raw stems for you song by song, or as a continuous take

  • Send you the stems or bounce the tracks as an mp3 with very basic mixing

Live Sessions

There's always some magic in live sessions.

We'd love to see more bands do this!

Song Demos

Need to record demos for auditions, corporate use, for future reference, or your own listening pleasure?


Our Sonor Classix S is always record-ready with Audix mics. We also have a selection of cymbals and snares provided by our partner Pantheon.


Often forget what was rehearsed? We record your rehearsals free of charge.

Available Rooms

We have everything mic-ed up and/or lined into our Behringer X32 Rack.


It's connected via USB to our iMac which runs Logic Pro X.

The Living Room

The Zoom Livetrak L-12 does the recording here.

It records each input (multi-track) onto a SD card which we provide.

The Bed Room


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