Can we extend our session if we need more time?

Approach us during your session and we’ll check if there is a band coming immediately after you. If there isn’t, we’ll gladly extend your session at the standard rates as seen here.

What happens if we end late?

If your session ends at 7pm, you should have packed up by 7pm so we can start setting up for the next band.

How do I cancel my session?

You can cancel your session through the booking confirmation email that was sent to you. Do note that if you cancel within 72 hours of your session, there will be a 100% cancellation fee.

How do I buy packages?

You can order a package through the booking website by clicking here. Then make full payment for the pacakge through PayNow to UEN 201910314N, and send us a screenshot when you have done so.

Do you provide equipment rental?

Sorry, we do not rent out our equipment.

How do I see availability?

1) Go to Book Now. Scroll down you will see a calendar (best viewed on a laptop/desktop). Click on each "busy" to see the duration and type of booking. (Tip: Bookings in red take up BOTH rooms) OR 2) Go to Book Now. Choose your booking type. Select the date that you want. Available timings will be displayed. If the time is not shown, it is not available. Go to Step 1.

How do I make payment? Also, do I pay before or after our session?

We accept PayNow or PayLah! Tonehouse Studios using the QR Code or UEN number provided below (it's also in your booking confirmation email). The reference number/description should be the same one you used to make the booking. For packages, gigs, events and venue bookings, we require full upfront payment. For rehearsal bookings, you may pay upfront or immediately after your session with us.

How do I make a booking?

Click here and follow the instructions.

Gigs / Events

Can I host a gig in your studio?

We’d love for that to happen! Contact us to discuss how we can make this happen for you. Or you can simply make your booking here under "Venue/Gig".

How many hours should I book for?

Do allow for at least a 30 minute set up time and a 30 minute tear down time. This is mandatory for all gig and event bookings. If you require more time for set up and tear down, please allocate the appropriate time for it. We don't want to rush.

Am I allowed to bring food and drink inside?

No, we do not allow any kind of food, sweets, snacks or drinks into the studio. There is no exception to this rule, and penalties will be imposed on the organiser if the rule is flouted.

Are smoke machines allowed?

Yes, small smoke machines are allowed, as long as visibility is not hindered. If the smoke alarm or spinklers are triggered, the organiser will be responsible for any and all damage caused by it.

What is the max capacity of the studio?

Due to fire safety regulations, the maximum capacity allowed in the studio is 50 humans.

Do you have tables for ticketing / merchandise?

Yes, we will provide 2 foldable tables for you to use outside the studio.

Do you allow hardcore / metal / punk gigs?

We do not discriminate against genres, but the organiser will be held responsible for any and all damage caused during the duration of the booking.


How can I record an EP / Demo at your studio?

We provide recording equipment to all our studio users free-of-charge. However, our rates do not include audio engineers. We can recommend one of our qualified staff to you. Do consult with your audio engineer to see if our equipment suits your needs. For more information about our recording equipment, please check out the equipment gallery in the Living Room and the Bedroom. You may also want to drop by our studio with your audio engineer to get a better understanding of the studio’s acoustics. Please contact us to make an appointment. When you are satisfied with the equipment and the rooms, proceed to make your bookings under "Recordings" online, and/or check out our packages for discounts.

Can our band film a music video at your studio?

Yes you definitely can. We’d love to support your project in any way within our means. No location release forms are required. Please book under venue/gig through this link.

Which room should I record in?

If you book a "Recording", it will always be done in the Living Room.

The Living Room is fully equipped with recording equipment. Drums, Guitars, Bass Guitar, Vocals and Keyboards are lined-in to our X32 Mixer and ready to record multi-track into Logic X on our Mac.
The Bedroom is also record capable, through the Zoom L-12 Mixer. It is also able to record multi-track, but we will need some time to set it up for recordings.

Do you provide mixing/mastering services?

Our rates only include tracking. Post-production is a separate cost that you need to discuss with your producer or engineer. We have qualified engineers here at Tonehouse, and you may discuss post-production rates with them personally.

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