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Your Boutique Rehearsal Studio.

What We Offer



We have a big room and a small room,

each designed to facilitate effective and productive rehearsals.

Recording / Livestream

Live Stream.jpg

Our Living Room is equipped with full recording and live streaming services at affordable prices. Click the box below for more details.

Venue / Gig

Namie and the Waves Gig

Yes! We host workshops, events and gigs. Click the box below to find out more, or just tell us what you wanna do.

What We Offer

Our Rooms

Living Room.jpg

The Bed Room

For fuss-free rehearsals and jamming for fun, this room is perfect for you. It can hold up to 6 people comfortably. 

The Living Room

Our main room: band rehearsals, recordings, live recordings and live streamings – it's all possible here. 

Our Rooms

More Questions?

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