The Living Room

This is our main room where bands, ensembles and groups of all sizes come in for rehearsals, live recordings, gigs and events.


The space is customisable according to your needs - hit us up and we'll gladly see what we can do for you. 

  • 500 sf

  • Fits a 10-pc band comfortably

  • Acoustically treated by Ehka. F

  • Free multi-track audio recordings*

  • Free video recordings**

*Engineering, producing, mixing, mastering not included

**Still shot from a GoPro Hero 6 Black or equivalent


These are the available equipments in the Living Room. We welcome suggestions for stuff to buy - Tonehouse is for you and we want you to feel at home.

Mons / IEM Mixer

Pic 1: The Box Pro Mons

Pic 2: Behringer P16 Personal IEM Mixers

Mixer / Stagebox / Software / DIs

Pic 1: Behringer X32 Rack

Pic 2: Behringer SD16 Stagebox

Pic 3: Logic X

Pic 4/5: Palmer DIs


Pic 1: Korg D1 + 2 Tier Stand

Pic 2: Korg Module on iPad

Pic 3: Korg D1 RH3 Keybed


Pic 1: Audix Drums Mics

Pic 2: Sennheiser e609

Pic 3: Beyer Dynamic M88

Pic 4: Sennheiser SM57

Pic 5: Shure SM58

Bass / Guitar Amps

Pic 1: Markbass Standard 104HF

Pic 2: Markbass Little Mark Tube 800

Pic 3: Fender 65 Twin Reverb / Roland JC120G Jazz Chorus / VOXAC15


Pic 1: Sonor S Classix Full Birch 10" 12" 14" 16" 20"

Pic 2: Cymbals from Pantheon, Zildjian, Sabian

*Pantheon is our partner for drum stuff. Some snares are also available here for use. 


Parklane Shopping Mall

35 Selegie Road #03-09

Singapore 188307

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Korg D1 + 2 Tier Stand